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Holiday greetings from Stage-Global Founder Andries Bonneur

23 december 2021
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Dear Participants, Host Organizations, Universities, Partners and friends,

The year 2021 has been one with many developments in our market. We navigated challenges that began with lockdowns and travel bans throughout the entire world. Without a doubt, these exceptional times had a massive impact on our programs, affecting our participants, host organizations, partners, and the Stage-Global team. Today, I feel overwhelmingly proud of how everyone dealt with the adjustments we underwent, and I am very happy with the recovery journey we experienced over the past months. International borders have opened up, and as we see participants ready to embark on a program abroad again and host organizations opening their offices, Stage-Global and its partners are ready for 2022!

While we are not fully in the clear yet, as we find ourselves in a constantly adjusting world, we are confident and excited to continue the Stage-Global programs at full force this upcoming year. I am humbled as we consider ourselves fortunate to work with such a fantastic group of participants and partners around the globe, who diligently make these programs happen. From all of us at Stage-Global we wish everyone Happy Holidays and a wonderful 2022, filled with abroad adventures and experiences of a lifetime!

Warm wishes,
Andries Bonneur
Founder Stage-Global