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The Process

Follow our step-by-step plan to help arrange your FIFA World Cup Job:

  1. Register: You can register online by filling in our online registration form. This is without obligation and free of charge.
  2. First Contact: One of our employees will contact you within one working day to schedule an appointment for an intake interview. This conversation can be done via Zoom or you can visit our office in the center of Amsterdam.
  3. Intake: During the intake interview we will discuss your wishes and possibilities. This also gives us a better idea of you as a person and your motivation. The intake conversation is without obligation and free of charge.
  4. Selection: After your intake interview, we will decide whether your profile is suitable for the FIFA World Cup program. While the highest grades are not necessary to participate in the program, you will need to express your motivation. Knowledge of the English language is also important and if necessary, we will schedule an extra phone interview with one of our English-speaking employees to ensure proficiency.
  5. Program Agreement & Deposit: Once you have been selected, a Program Agreement will be created. The Agreement will include an overview of the exact program for which you are registering for and will require a signature. To finalize the registration, we ask for a deposit of €450.
  6. Documents: After the deposit has been paid, we will start working on your CV, motivation letter, references, and any grade lists required. We will send samples of each necessary document that meets the Asian standard to help guide you. You will receive guidance and feedback by one of our English-speaking employees to ensure your documents meet all requirements.
  7. Placement Period: After all the documents are in order, we will submit them to our partner organization in Asia, and the placement process can start.
  8. Pre-Interview: When we have found a potential job match with one of the companies affiliated with the World Cup, a job interview will be scheduled between you and the company. Before the interview takes place, we will discuss what you can expect in the interview and will help you practice.
  9. Interview: The interview will take place by phone or Skype. This conversation is a chance for the company to understand a bit more about you and your motivation. Additionally, you will have an opportunity to ask questions about the job as well as the company. Based on this interview, the company decides whether or not to hire you. If it is not a match, from the company or yourself, we will continue to look for further placements.
  10. Contracts & Payment: Once you are hired, contracts will be signed and we ask that you pay the remaining Stage-Global agency fees (excluding the €450 down payment).
  11. Visa Documentation: Stage-Asia will help you to collect the correct documents for your visa application. Employees of the Stage-Asia team will ensure you fill in the correct information and request specific documents.
  12. Visa Process: Stage-Asia employees will help guide you through the visa application during this period.
  13. Housing: When you have completed the job and visa processes, you will receive details about your housing in Qatar. It is not possible to arrange accommodation yourself.
  14. Flight: The last step is to book your flight – you will do this on your own however the Stage-Asia team is more than happy to support you if necessary. We will help ensure that you are well prepared for your trip to the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.
  15. 15.  Enjoy your time abroad!